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OOO «Specialmash» is an enterprise with a modern management structure and a quality control system for its products. For more than 10 years our company has been confidently competing with eminent brands on the Russian special equipment market. The production buildings are equipped with modern CNC machines and equipment; many assembly stages are localized.

The production line of the plant consists of a procurement shop (components of our own and production and third-party suppliers), a workshop for flatbed and dump bodies, a workshop for trailers, a workshop for semi-trailers, a paint workshop and a workshop for finished products.

The design department has developed and introduced into production more than 100 models of trailers, chassis and bodies for various applications.

Chassis for tractor and car trailers and semi-trailers, multi-tonnage trawls, timber trucks, log trucks, container trucks, euro vans and euro platforms, specialized trailers for transporting special equipment and equipment, flatbed and dump bodies - this is not a complete list of products shipped to our customers all over Russia. The oil and gas, forestry and processing industries, energy, agriculture, defense departments and other sectors of the country's economy are in constant need of our technology. There is a possibility of ordering an individual development of special equipment at the request of the customer.

The constant expansion of the model range has contributed to the professional growth of specialists in the design department and the engineering and technical staff of production departments. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the procurement department and the procurement department, the suppliers of the highest quality and most reliable components are constantly monitored.

Equipping with modern equipment (plasma cutter, bending machine, band sawing machine, welding machines) made it possible to localize the production of individual components, which significantly reduced the cost of production and made it more affordable for the consumer. On the production line, there is a mandatory quality control of the production of parts and assembly.

The company tries to be sensitive to market demands. The response to the introduction of the Platon system in Russia was the development of its own line of low-tonnage flatbed and tilt trailers and semi-trailers with a large cubic capacity. In tandem with the Gazon Next and Kamaz 4308 tractors, they have become a kind of economic way out of the difficult financial situation for many representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia. Euro-vans and Euro-platforms is another area of ​​our products that is widely demanded in commercial transportation and is in active demand among our customers.

Thanks to the close-knit professional team, ООО «Specialmash» is confidently developing and is ready to please its customers with new topical developments of trailed equipment in 2021.